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Abstract – McBride NZSEE Conference 2013

McBride, S.M., Van Dissen, R., Langridge, R., Brown, N., Neely, D., 2013, Guns, chocolate and high heels; effectively communicating earthquake risk and building resilience in Wellington, New Zealand. in proceedings, New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Technical Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, 26-28 April, 2013. Poster Paper P-30. 8 p.

ABSTRACT: In August 2012, Wellington City Council organised a series of community briefings entitled “Wellington Rocks” to discuss earthquake risk. As part of the briefings, GNS Science scientists were invited to inform members of the public regarding the recent results of the Wellington “It’s Our Fault” project. The community briefings were 1.5 hours long and included topics regarding earthquake risk (GNS Science), building and infrastructure resilience (Wellington City Council), and emergency preparedness (Wellington Emergency Management Office). A short film about the earthquake risk in New Zealand was also presented. At the end of the presentations, there was a Q and A session, and afterwards, attendees could discuss issues further with any of the presenters with refreshments provided.

At the briefings, attendees were invited to complete a questionnaire to gauge the effectiveness of this kind of community engagement. Community members were surveyed prior to the start of the meeting and directly afterward. This paper provides a summary of the survey that was undertaken; outlines the findings regarding the feedback from participants directly after the presentations; and provides recommendations based on the data for future community engagement projects.