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Scholarships & Internships


Explore our scholarships and student placements.

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Postgraduate Scholarships

GNS Science postgraduate scholarships are generally offered when a funded research programme commences.

Current postgraduate scholarships

GNS Science Scholarship Recipients

  • Sarah Beanland PhD Scholarship past winners (scholarship no longer offered).


GNS Science hosts students and graduates from New Zealand and international universities looking for internships. These may be required as a component of their degree award, or to gain work experience in their chosen technical field. Internships are usually volunteer (unpaid/self-funded) roles. If you are interested in an internship at GNS Science, please contact our Research Office. They will screen your inquiry and determine if the research aligns with that of a team at GNS Science, and whether the team is looking for an intern at this time.   

Summer Scholarships

GNS Science offers jointly funded summer studentships with students enrolled at partnering universities.