X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) Analysis

Quantitative chemical analysis of a rock, soil, metal or effluent to a high degree of accuracy and cost effectiveness. For geological applications such as rock and clay mineral mineralogical analysis, as well as forensic, environmental and engineering projects.

More mineral analyses are available at our minerals laboratory.


  • Qualitative Analysis. In addition to identification of crystalline material we can also identify the presence of X-ray amorphous material. Proportions of minerals are given as abundant, common, minor and trace.
  • Clay Mineral Analyses. Identification of clay minerals such as kaolinite, chlorite, smectite and illite is done from the <2 mm size fraction. The clay mineral separate is prepared in our laboratory from the sample provided. Glycolation and two heating steps (450oC and 550oC) can be performed if requested. If present, the composition of mixed clay smectite-illite can be determined.

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Turnaround Times
Usually 1-3 weeks. Hot shot service available on request (100% surcharge).

Sample Submission
Please contact us for specific details on how to submit your samples.

All parcels containing samples of non-New Zealand origin MUST be accompanied by a MPI import permit, and have the permit number written on the outside of the package.

Sample required

  • Qualitative analysis - approximately 1g of sample is sufficient. In the case of well-crystalline, single grain, about 1 mg of material is all that is required using our special low background silicon sample holders.
  • Bulk sample analysis - where clay fraction is to be extracted, we require preferably more than 10g of sample. If clay fraction is to be supplied then approximately 400 mg of sample is required.

Courier samples to:

GNS Science
Wairakei Laboratory
114 Karetoto Rd
SH1 Wairakei 3377
New Zealand