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Media Releases

Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

Scientists record unprecedented movement of land near Gisborne - 19/12/2002

Scientists have recorded land near Gisborne moving about 20 mm to the east during an eight-day period in October.

Geology student wins prestigious scholarship - 17/12/2002

A geology student with a special interest in plate tectonics has won a prestigious earth science scholarship.

Accolade for top geophysicist - 01/11/2002

Hugh Bibby, of the GNS Science Limited (GNS), was this week given a lifetime achievement award by the New Zealand Association of Scientists for his work in understanding geothermal fields.

GNS reports after-tax profit of $1.67 million - 16/10/2002

The GNS Science Limited (GNS) has posted an after-tax profit of $1.67 million for the year to June 30, up 5.4 percent on last year's result of $1.58 million.

Scientists study new seabed energy source - 11/10/2002

New Zealand scientists are studying frozen seafloor deposits that could become an important source of energy in the future.

Science organisations set up Natural Hazards Centre - 18/09/2002

Two Crown Research Institutes have joined forces to set up a new Natural Hazards Centre, which will bring all New Zealand's natural hazards under the one banner.

New Waitaki map crosses provincial lines - 25/06/2002

A new geological map of the Waitaki area shows the region in more detail than ever before.

New monitoring network will be world-class - 19/06/2002

Measuring the forces building up under New Zealand is the focus of the GeoNet project - a 10-year, $80 million programme to upgrade and sustain the equipment that monitors earthquakes and volcanoes in New Zealand.

Taupo rising and falling faster than other parts of NZ - 06/06/2002

Parts of the Taupo region have risen and fallen by up to 7 centimetres over 10 years, scientists have found in a long-term study of the area.

Scientists find new submarine hot springs - 16/05/2002

New Zealand, American, and Japanese scientists have found new submarine hot springs northeast of New Zealand.
Using new equipment deployed from the research ship Tangaroa, they spent the past fortnight investigating 13 newly mapped submarine volcanoes and six smaller cones for seabed thermal activity.