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Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

Fossil book published after 50 year wait - 18/03/2005

A new book on fossils found in Southland could spark debate on where New Zealand was on the globe 200 million years ago.

Asian tsunami damage prompts rethink in NZ - 28/02/2005

A tsunami similar in size to the Boxing Day event in the Indian Ocean would devastate many coastal parts of New Zealand and overwhelm civil defence, according to Hugh Cowan who led a New Zealand team to Thailand in January. The scale of the damage has prompted a re-evaluation of tsunami hazards in New Zealand.

NZ tsunami team heads to Thailand - 19/01/2005

A group of New Zealand scientists, earthquake engineers, and emergency managers will head to Thailand this weekend to learn about the impact of the Boxing Day tsunami.

Scientists gather to weigh analytical methods - 18/01/2005

Sixty scientists from 15 countries are in Wellington this week to discuss new developments and applications in accelerator-based analytical techniques in the biomedical and environmental sciences.

Boxing Day 2004 Asian tsunami link - 26/12/2004

Due to the constantly changing nature of events concerning the Asian Tsunami, GNS recommends http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ 2004_Indian_Ocean_earthquake as the best resource for information on the tsunami.

Large offshore quake felt widely in South Island - 24/11/2004

A large earthquake that occurred under the sea southwest of Invercargill this morning was felt throughout much of the lower half of the South Island.

Scientists record a second slow quake near Gisborne - 18/11/2004

Scientists have recorded what they call a 'slow earthquake' near Gisborne - the second time this unusual phenomenon has been observed at Gisborne in the past two years.

Scientists detect slow quake at Gisborne - 16/11/2004

Rapid Surface Motion Indicates a Slow Slip Event in Progress near Gisborne. The continuous GPS time series plots on the GeoNet web site show that a new episode of rapid deformation is taking place near Gisborne, on the Raukumara Peninsula in northeastern New Zealand.

Undersea exploration delivers treasure trove - 17/11/2004

The first ever manned submersible investigation of New Zealand's deep seafloor has produced a wealth of new knowledge about the geology and geochemistry of hot springs discharging from submarine volcanic vents and the unusual ecosystems found around them.

Scientists collect creatures from submarine volcano - 31/10/2004

Scientists from New Zealand and Japan have recovered a variety of deep-sea creatures while making the first-ever dive in a submersible into the crater of a seafloor volcano northeast of Bay of Plenty.