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Media Releases

Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

Lord of The Rings location photos available on the internet - 27/02/2004

High quality photos of New Zealand scenery that featured in The Lord of the Rings trilogy can now be ordered over the internet.

World's deepest-diving submersible coming to NZ - 16/02/2004

Scientists from New Zealand and Japan will later this year explore submarine volcanoes and seafloor hot springs off the New Zealand coast in the world's deepest-diving submersible.

Lake Taupo adventurer wins science communicator award - 14/10/2003

A marine geologist who explored the bottom of Lake Taupo in a submersible in 1998 was this week named Science Communicator for 2003.

GNS posts $1.66 million after-tax profit - 20/10/2003

Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited (GNS) has reported an after-tax profit of $1.66 million for the year to June 30.

GNS wins funding for three new science projects - 11/09/2003

The GNS Science Limited (GNS) has won funding of $1.39 million from the government's Marsden Fund for three new science projects.

Aftershock sequence unusual, seismologists say - 05/09/2003

Last night's magnitude 6.1 aftershock in Fiordland came as a mild surprise, seismologists said today.

Radiocarbon specialists gather in Wellington - 28/08/2003

Experts from 40 countries will gather in Wellington this weekend for a five-day conference on radiocarbon as an investigative tool.

Fiordland quake triggers over 200 landslides - 27/08/2003

Last Friday's magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Fiordland triggered more than 200 landslides in Fiordland National Park, geologists said today.

Fiordland quake biggest for many years - 22/08/2003

Today's magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Fiordland ranks as one of the largest "on-land" earthquakes in New Zealand for many years, the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd (GNS) said.

Renewed government research funding for oil and gas exploration - 31/07/2003

The GNS Science Limited (GNS) has been awarded new funding for its petroleum research programme. The research funding is provided by the Foundation for Research, Science & Technology (FRST) and is valued at around $20 million, spread over six years. The programme leader is Dr Peter King.