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Media Releases

Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

Pink dinosaur becomes global celebrity - 27/05/2004

The little pink mascot that suddenly appeared on the White Island volcano-cam this month has turned into a global phenomenon.

Natural hazard scientist wins Zonta award - 26/05/2004

A scientist who describes her work as a "dream job" has won the 2004 Zonta Science Award. Ursula Cochran says her investigations of past earthquakes, tsunamis, and climate events in New Zealand is the perfect job package.

Seismic stress may be changing under Wellington - 26/05/2004

Unusual surface movement measured in the hills behind Paekakariki over the past year could be linked to the recent swarm of earthquakes near Upper Hutt, scientists say.

NZ and US scientists probe East Coast history - 24/05/2004

American and New Zealand scientists have joined forces for a trailblazing study to understand the geological signals in sediment washed out from the Waiapu River on the North Island's east coast.

Gifted nuclear physicist left science legacy - 12/05/2004

Bernard O'Brien, a former director of the New Zealand Institute of Nuclear Sciences, has died in Sydney. He was 77. He was a gifted scientist who made a lasting contribution to earth sciences and nuclear physics in New Zealand.

Boo Boo fault part of a bigger hazards picture - 07/05/2004

The recently revealed Boo Boo Fault in Cook Strait is one of many thousands of bits of geological information that scientists use to calculate earthquake hazard throughout New Zealand.

NZ firms win US $800,000 contract in Tonga - 06/05/2004

A consortium of New Zealand firms has won a US$800,000 contract to help Tonga with its cyclone risk management and emergency recovery plan. The consortium beat off bids from several other countries.

NZ, Chile sign cooperative science agreement - 04/05/2004

An agreement signed today paves the way for Chile and New Zealand to work more closely on oil and gas exploration, geothermal energy development, and the study of earthquakes and volcanoes.

GNS finalist in computer excellence award - 30/04/2004

GNS is a finalist in the ComputerWorld Excellence in the use of IT in government awards for the second year running.

Science and art collide in new photographic exhibition - 29/04/2004

Photographs taken by GNS scientists feature in a new exhibition which will tour New Zealand for the next two years.