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Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

Scientists call for earthquake forecasting centre in NZ - 16/02/2007

Some of New Zealand's top scientists and their overseas counterparts are pushing for the establishment of an earthquake and volcano forecasting centre.The aim is to make more effective use of New Zealand earthquake and volcano research to improve the understanding of natural hazards.

Laser measurements show erosion rate of Ruapehu crater dam - 13/02/2007

Government-owned science company GNS Science is using new laser technology to accurately measure erosion rates of the tephra dam at Mt Ruapehu’s Crater Lake.

Scientists gather valuable information on gas hydrates - 09/02/2007

Scientists on the German research ship Sonne have completed the first part of a three-month investigation of gas hydrates under the seafloor off the North Island's East Coast.

Researchers install lahar measuring equipment at Ruapehu Crater Lake - 12/01/2007

Scientists from GNS Science and the Department of Conservation installed a set of lake-monitoring equipment on Mount Ruapehu last weekend.

Scientists find Orakei Volcano is much older than previously thought - 11/01/2007

Scientists drilling into the Orakei Basin in Auckland have found the Orakei volcano is probably three times as old as previously thought.

Intensive study of NZ seafloor to start this week - 10/01/2007

A German research ship with a multi-national crew of scientists sets off from Wellington this week for a three-month study of New Zealand’s ocean floor.A focus of the project is to learn more about gas hydrates - deposits of frozen methane beneath the sea floor off the North Island’s east coast between Cook Strait and East Cape.

Andrill project sets Antarctic drilling record - 20/12/2006

A New Zealand-led team of international scientists has reached a milestone in Antarctica by drilling to a record depth of 1050m into the seabed below the Ross Ice Shelf.

Project to focus on Quakes in the Wellington region - 11/12/2006

A major research project is underway to improve the understanding of the vulnerability of the Wellington region to large earthquakes.

Scientists install lahar measuring equipment on Ruapehu - 03/11/2006

Researchers from GNS Science and Massey University’s Volcanic Risk Solutions installed a set of lahar-measuring equipment on Mount Ruapehu this week.

NZ scientists lead big climate probe in Antarctica - 06/10/2006

Kiwi ingenuity will be at the forefront when a large multi-national drilling project to investigate Antarctica’s past climate gets underway this month.