Before an Earthquake

There are many things you can do to prepare your house to make it a safer place should an earthquake occur. Check out this fun interactive to see the difference that these preparations can make!

  • Footpath damage from March 1987 earthquake, Bay of Plenty.

    Footpath damage from March 1987 earthquake, Bay of Plenty.

    Secure heavy furniture to the wall or floor
  • Put heavy items near floor level
  • Put strong catches on cupboard doors
  • Check that your chimney is secure
  • Secure your hot water cylinder
  • Check your house is well secured to its foundations

The Civil Defence website has all of the important information you need to prepare your own emergency plan, your household survival kit and a suitable first aid kit.

You should also consider that three days is the likely minimum time that it will take for help to reach you from outside, and you may wish to stock up a larger supply of food and water.

In addition don't forget to think about including other items that could be important for you such as :

  • A first aid manual
  • Family documents such as birth and marriage certificates, insurance policies, drivers' licences, passports
  • Family photos