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Media Releases

Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

GNS Science and Bay of Plenty Iwi sign cooperative agreement - 15/04/2014

GNS Science and Bay of Plenty iwi Ngati Rangiwewehi have signed an agreement to work together on earth science and environmental issues in the wider Rotorua region.

Scientists gather to focus on nuclear technology cooperation - 31/03/2014

Nearly 50 representatives from 20 countries of the Asia and Pacific region and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are in Wellington this week to discuss cooperation and promotion of the many peaceful uses of nuclear technology.

NZ and Japan to work together on hazards research - 11/03/2014

GNS Science and Hokkaido University have signed an agreement to work together on natural hazards.

Scientists probe Lake Rotomahana's volcanic heat engine - 05/03/2014

The scientists who found remnants of the Pink and White Terraces under Lake Rotomahana two years ago are back at the lake this week measuring its geothermal heat output.

Visiting Russian scientists delve into permian era - 04/03/2014

Russian scientists have come to New Zealand to examine our fossilised bivalves in a bid to better understand conditions on Earth 260 million years ago.

International group to focus on seismic fitness of NZ's historic churches - 17/02/2014

Some of New Zealand’s historic churches and heritage buildings are set to get specialist attention from an international group of seismologists and engineers.

New antarctic map decades in the making - 27/01/2014

A new geological map of southern Victoria Land in Antarctica shows the area in more detail than ever before.

Geologists ask public to 'dob in' a landslide - 23/01/2014

Geologists investigating this week's magnitude 6.2 Eketahuna quake are asking the public to report any new landslides on private property as part of their research.

Timely reminder to prepare for earthquakes - 22/01/2014

A string of damaging quakes in central New Zealand in the past six months has prompted three organisations to issue a reminder on quake preparedness.

Scholarship winner aims to piece together the geological puzzle of the East Coast Basin - 14/01/2014

How the land mass of the East Coast Basin has moved since the breakup of Gondwanaland will be the focus of PhD scholarship recipient Ben Hines, for the next three years.